Our Dams

Updated Oct. 31, 2012

8 mo.
A Jr. girl with lots of energy!
bullet Ms. Tilley
bullet 9 inches
Sire: Spanky 
Dam: Freckles
1.5 yr.
A Jr. Jack and such a sweety.               
bullet Ellie Mae
bullet 8.5 inches
  Sire: Stumpy 
  Dam: Haley
Lucy  is still active at 7yr.
bullet Lucy
bullet 10.5 inches

           she sits like this all the time(6.yr.)                                                                                           

bullet  Freckles
bullet 9.5 inches
bullet Brown and white

                                                               My sweet ,special , girl.                            

bullet Lizzie 
9 in.
bullet Sire Gizmo
bullet Dam: Lucy

Such a sweetheart !     5.5yrs.
bullet Annie    
10 in.
bullet Sire :Gizmo Dam: Lucy 
bullet Black tri


bullet Summer   
10 in.
bullet Sire:Spanky 
Dam: Trixie
bullet Red & White

So full of life and loves to ride !                                            

A collage of our sires and dams in 2008

"Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human has to choose a relative."
~Mordecai Siegal


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Broken W's Jack Russells
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Bonifay, Florida